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If you’re not on Facebook, and don’t know who Brandon, AKA HONY, AKA Humans of New York, is – let me fill you in. He is, or rather, his blog is, a, well, a blog, about… did ya guess it? Humans. Specifically, it’s about humans living in NY. It’s not about celebrities, or rich people […]


I’ve made no effort to hide that I’m a big Brand fan. Actually, I’ve blatantly written posts, like, four of them, about my stalker-ish thumbs-up-ness for the ol’ Rusty Rockets. And it’s not just because we both share ridiculous hair styles, gorilla chests, and manic dispositions. The reason I like the fella is because he […]


So I recently did a post about how irrationally sad I’ve become at Robin Williams’ death. Truth is, as stupid as it might seem, I’m still sad. Incredibly sad. And I don’t really have any reason to be sad, because although Robin Williams felt like a friend of mine (and of the world’s), he wasn’t. […]


If you haven’t been on FB today, or on any other form of social media for that matter, you might not have heard that Robin Williams died today. And I, on learning of his death, I, someone who has never met the man, someone who has only known his person through a form of glowing […]


Get up. Thoughts, the walls around me. The walls, thoughts. Gotta get up. Thoughts, not now. Thoughts, no. Get up. Breathe. Okay. Meander to the shower, eyes still opening. Get to shower. What’s needed? Towel. Check. Underwear. Check. Turn on tap. Get balance right. Too hot. Too cold. Need to get balance right. Wash hair. […]


Found this in my drafts. Fuckin’ hell!  My insides feel like a desert. I am boiling sand. I am barren. I am a freezing night. I am alone in a dark tent, haunted by the demons of the Sahara, haunted by wandering stars – tormented by a night so bright it stings my eyes and […]


So, I just moved apartments. And it wasn’t great. Not that moving is ever Great. For anyone. Who loves moving? My guess is that no one loves moving, because moving sucks. Even if you’re moving to a nicer place, in a nicer area, with nicer neighbours, having bought a nicer refrigerator – the ordeal of […]

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I wrote this story a little while back. I’ve had no luck placing it in literary journals (and I doubt that I ever will!) so I figured I’d slap it here, at the Weird. It’s weird. Enjoy. (Or so help me!) I didn’t even know that there was, that there is, something wrong. She told […]


A couple of years ago I remember sitting next to these two girls at a Mexican fast-food restaurant. I was eating a burrito and flicking through the pages of something Dickensian. And eavesdropping. The girls were gossiping about one of their friends. I’m not one to eavesdrop – usually. It’s just that sometimes you can’t […]


I’m a cynical kinda guy. I’ve been this way since I was born. Yep. I actually remember popping out of my mum, looking up at the doctor’s shadow obfuscating the bright light above and thinking, ‘Gee. What the fuck is this place? It’s horrible. I should’ve just stayed in there, as a non-thing, as some […]


Am I an elf? Why are my fingers made of marshmallows? Holy shit. Am I turning into a squid? Nope, I’m still an elf. Thank god. For a second I thought I was turning into a squid. But my toes are still pointy and my fingers are green and spongy – definitely still an elf. […]


I’ve written a few posts about what I perceive as being flaws in feminism, and about the reasons I do not consider myself a feminist. But it’s about time I wrote a post that reflects my inner feminist. So, I was just cruising around Facebook when this picture popped up on my feed. I’m not usually […]


Australia’s newly elected Liberal government has just recently introduced the Australia’s Federal Budget for 2014. If you’ve not yet heard the news – that is, if you’re not an Australian, or, if you are Australian but have been living blissfully under a rock for the last couple of weeks – a great many number of […]


The air was warm and the streets busy; the patch of street I occupied however, was quiet, its silence cracked only by the sound of passing cars, trams, and the chatter of people in the cafes annexed to it. But there was one more sound, a sound that turned heads, evoked stares, and disturbed the […]

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Society doesn’t like crazy people. We’re marginalised. We’re treated, well, like crazy people. That’s one of the first thing you notice when you’re crazy. Crazy people aren’t stupid, you know? Some of us are actually stupidly bright. We know that people look at us differently. We know that people whisper about us when they think […]


Someone recently posted this video, which came up on my Facebook feed (yay for the irony you’ll no doubt see). It mirrors, almost exactly, my sentiments regarding this debate revolving around whether or not technology is bringing us together or tearing us apart. It’s also a poem. Huzzah! Enjoy.


I don’t understand social norms. Never ‘ave. Never will. They just don’t make any sense to me. As a kid, I was a loner. I’d live on the outskirts of the school-ground, peering into the zoo of children’s social antics as a voyeuristic creep, wondering why nothing of the playground made sense to me. Got […]


If God is dead, then all is permissible. Atheism has no doctrine or dogmas. There’s no set way to live; there are no laws to abide by, no commandments to tend to, no sins to avoid, no prayer time, no official place of meeting, no higher power to worship or to pledge an allegiance to. […]

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As you all know, beautiful weirdos, I am one of The Crazies. A manic depressive crazy, to be specific. Aside from this mental different-order, I also have this dis-ease called chronic fatigue. Which is exactly what it sounds like, for those that haven’t heard of it before. What’s probably a side effect of chronic fatigue […]


Dear kids, Please, don’t grow up. These words might be falling on dead ears. Our society is one that drives the child out of its children before they enter high school. But I have hope. I have hope that there are still a few kids out there, maybe more than a few, who are seeing, […]


Initially, I was going to make this post a somewhat philosophical exposition on a relatively plausible theory drawing on why god does not exist. But I’m not gonna do that. If you’re curious, the basic premise of the would-be post is this: If God was the causal link, the initial Creator, nudging the universe from non-existence into […]

A few nights ago, I experienced what I can only describe as a slew of bad dreams. Unlike a video, the slew didn’t hit me linearly, one after the other. I fucking wish that happened. Instead, they hit me in the same way light travels – as a chaotic spray of pixelated particles, gushing and […]


As some of you might already know, I’m starting a business. To be honest, it’s been a lot trickier than I thought it would be. As it turns out, there’s a lot to think about when starting a business. And above there being a lot to think about, there’s a lot to actually do. I thought […]

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Sometimes I believe that I am the Second Coming. I.e., I believe that I am the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. Sorry if some of you find that offensive. I can assure you that, in my saner moments, I understand, completely and totally, that I am not a divine King, a King of Kings. I know […]


Before I start this post, I want to make something clear: What I’m about to say has absolutely nothing to do with equal rights. I.e. equal pay, equal job opportunity, voting privileges, etc. I know that it might seem like it does, but it really doesn’t. It’s a bit more complicated than that. It’s actually […]