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Since I’ve had fuck all luck getting anything published over the last few years, I figured, why not, I’ll give something away for free. If you’re interested in reading any of my full-length work, head over to I’ll be putting up a new chapter every week. I’ve edited the book a few times but that […]

I dislike labels. As a rule, I think that labels will often hide one’s opinion/thoughts more than they reveal it. (Yes, all words are labels, emblematic of the concept they represent—but you know what I mean, probably.) It’s true for even simple things. Let’s as an example take the label “free range” eggs. “Free range”—it’s […]

I was about to fall asleep just now but I got out of bed to write this and I haven’t reread it because I’m half asleep, so if I’ve made any typos or stupid things, please let me know in the comments to save me from proofing it in the morning. I’m half asleep, so […]


(photo credit: Nathan Beer) Originally published at The Odd Sock The main characteristic that people experiencing homelessness have in common is their state of homelessness, and all the hardships that resultantly flow from it. But that’s where it stops.  Story 1: Flinders Street station. At the time, I wasn’t yet 18. A man, who was probably in […]

I’m sure that zero is or is not, mathematically and philosophically, a number. I’m also sure that a quick Google search would provide me with a few answers to ponder, too. Nevertheless, I wonder. I wonder whether zero is a number. It doesn’t seem like a number. 1 is a number. 0.3 is a number. -3 […]


If you haven’t heard, Dawn Fraser, an Australian champion swimmer and Olympic gold medallist (an Aussie icon), made a few comments earlier today on an Australian news show that some people have called out as being racist. Fortunately, well, fortunate for accuracy’s sake, the comments were made on live air. They were this: ‘Tomic and Kyrgios […]

I finished the last book I was working on earlier this year (or late last year; I can’t remember). It’s been about six months then since I’ve been ‘writing’. When I say writing, I mean working on a novel. Dedicating at least two hours every day to weaving together a story of about 80,000-110,000 words. […]

To be vulnerable is to sit down and examine your thoughts as if they were being thrust against a wall, a reflection of you, a projection of you for you to observe. To be vulnerable is to be honest about those thoughts on that wall, that reflection of you. To be vulnerable is to be […]

Loneliness, like the weather, comes and goes in waves. It often doesn’t depend on anything, either. It’s just either there. Or it’s not. It’s easy to point to certain situations, certain causes, certain triggers, certain environments and say, You, you are the reason that loneliness is here. On me. Choking me. It’s easy to point […]

I know that many people will read this title and turn a hot, red and flustered cheek. We’re taught to not judge a book by its cover, or rather an article by its title, but unfortunately, such is not the case. If it were, sites like Upworthy wouldn’t be so absurdly popular. It’s in our […]

Sometimes you wake up but you don’t want to wake up you just want to roll over and fall back asleep because you hate your life and it’s all black and everything just stinks and you feel like a bad page of poetry written by some lonely talentless teenager but you realise that you’re not. […]

If you had asked me if my life would have unravelled in the way that it has when I was 8 years old or younger I’d have probably looked at you with a curious stare, full of trepidation and distrust, and nodded my head – yes. If you had asked me if my life would […]


There’s this Facebook page I followed quite some time ago called The Mind Unleashed: Recently though, and by recently I mean within the past six months or so, I’ve been… Well. Frustrated by the utter hogwash it has been espousing and representing. I’m a fairly liberal minded guy, which is what drew me to the […]


Can you imagine a self-important ant? It’s really not that hard to do. But if you’re having trouble, imagine this. Imagine a lachrymose ant in bed brushing its antlers, wondering if it looks fat, and the ant’s disinterested husband reading the paper next to her, reading about the wars happening in ant world (mainly related […]

I never painted as a kid. I drew, but I never painted. Not consistently anyway. And yesterday, after what may very well have been my first attempt at painting, I learned how difficult an art it is. Colours don’t blend together when it’s pencils spreading them across a canvass. They do with paint. As I […]

So if you haven’t heard I’ve started a sock business. Which has been consuming a shit load of my time. And considering I’m dealing with a cast, after having just had doctors fiddle around inside my wrist with their glistening scalpels, my time isn’t being utilised particularly well, to say the least. One thing I’ve […]

odd sock gnome

We’re now doing… WORLDWIDE SHIPPING! Over at my new sock business,  Which I wrote a post about, here: ———————— The Rebel The Rebel is a person who represents a direct opposition to the machine of social norms. He is on a journey requiring him to destroy normality at every corner he turns. he is subversive, but […]


1: There is no right answer Tests, tests, and tests. Standardised tests are what high school is. You’re either doing well and getting A’s, or you’re not. There’s a right answer; there’s a wrong answer. Even in the creative subjects, none of which I did; there’s a good interpretation; there’s a bad interpretation. High school […]


Here’s a poem I wrote for my new sock business, The Odd Sock. We’re all just dangling feet, in a way. Cycling whimsically through the void, accruing pay. Drinking booze and seeing fuzzy, for a lay. Doing all we can do, to shield the grey. But what waits around the next bend, what’ll grow? Will it […]


We met about four years ago. She was in Australia on a holiday during her uni break from N/Z, working at a cafe in which I would also “work” (study or write). I woo and shampoo-d her using my mega Romeo skills. In other words, I asked her if she wanted to go out some time. […]

Number 1: Don’t rely on people to pay attention  People say that faith is a virtue; I, however, am not too sure about that. Sure, it sounds nice on the surface. Having faith implies that you have trust, belief, assurance – all positive sounding things. Having positive things is good. Faith and positivity are almost synonymous. […]

Although it sounds a lot like me, it’s not me. Actually, in truth, it sounds exactly like me. It speaks in the same manner as I, we share the same, rather ambiguous accent, it knows the same words as me, it even employs the same inflections and occasional distortions, mumbles. But it’s not me. It’s […]

The lies we tell our partners “I’ll never leave you.” “I’ll love you to the day I die.” “My love for you is eternal.” “I only have eyes for you.” The lies we tell ourselves “This is going to be my year.” “Things are going to get better.” “Nothing could get worse.” “I’m a good […]

Nothing is 100% original. Ever. How could it be? Everything happens in relation to everything else, beside everything else, within and without everything else; everything is a piece to a much larger whole, and every whole is just a piece to something else. Nothing happens in a vacuum. Divide. Extrapolate. Create. Or some other such […]


Hey, Tony? Yeah, Bob? I think my wife’s cheatin on me, Tony. Bob, your wife is not cheating on you. How do you know, Tony? How do you know? I just know it. I know Marther. I knew her before you did. She ain’t the cheatin type. She ain’t cheatin on you. But how can you […]