[About the Weird]

Humans are weird!

Well, I reckon they are anyway.  And so, to pay respect to the various human-centric foibles that many of us so proudly possess – some beautiful, some not so beautiful, and some teetering on the ebb of psychotic waters – I’ve made this blog.


equals me observing, projecting, coagulating, and documenting – colourfully – awe striking humanisms: the good, the bad, the somewhere in between, and the fucking ugly. Oh, and the weird, of course.

What you’ll get specifically is this…

  • Commentary on the following topics: Drugs, religion, social norms, politics, mental health, writing and philosophy.
  • The occasional short story.
  • Weird rants.
  • Bad (mostly offensive) jokes. Lots and lots of offensive jokes.
  • Horrible attempts at poetry.
  • And a shit-tonne of swearing. Remember: swear words are just regular words that some arse-holes decided ‘civilised’ people shouldn’t use. Fuckery!


Note: this blog has been made purely for the purpose of entertainment. No offence is intended. Rest assured though, if any offence is taken, an-infinite-amount-of-zero shits will be given. (See that velvet-wearing Smurf-looking dude up there? That’s me, giving zero shits.)

Also, some of the pics are from Google. If you’ve an issue with a pic I’ve posted, let me know and I’ll remove it. I shall give precisely three shits for legal threats, but not a single shit more.