[The Primary Weirdo]

Weirdo: [Pronounced – weer-doh]

  1. An odd, eccentric, or unconventional person;
  2. a psychopath, especially a dangerous or vicious one.

Care to guess which definition I bear most semblance to? (If you get it wrong… so help me God.)

So, you want to know a little about the weirdo behind those big, blue glasses, hey?

Where to start?

First of all, I dislike trying to define my “self.” Which “self” are we speaking of? I’ve so many. Not because I suffer from a personality disorder, but rather, because the self is a transient concept, caught in a state of permanent flux.

How can one define such a thing so narrowly, with mere words?


(Yeah, I’m that kind of guy.)

But I suppose that this is a social world, guided by social norms, hosting social beings.

That being said, here are six random points about me that you might find mildly interesting, for whatever reason: 

  1. I am particularly hairy.
  2. I’m peculiarly fond of green Gobstoppers.
  3. When I was younger, I wished that I was a duck.
  4. I don’t vote. But I’m not apathetic.
  5. I refuse to wear matching socks.
  6. I may or may not believe that I’m a real life wizard.

Hopefully you’ll care to join me on this weird ride, in at least some remote, cyber way.

If you would like to know more about who I really am (Jesus disguised as a mortal?) you are welcome to ask. Alternatively, follow my blog or my Twitter account. It’s not really an alternative, is it? Well, then follow it (the blog), just because! Just ensure you don’t follow me or my enlightening rants!

Rebel! Subvert social mores and build your own moral compass. Be free! Think autonomously and paint the world around you using your own brush.

Pow! Yeah! Right in the civil!

“Shit. Just. Got. Real. Yo!” he said, blowing on a piping-hot, Earl Grey tea.